Supreme Court Judgment on Mutation Entry

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In the Supreme Court’s decision of Balwant Singh v. Daulat Singh, (1997) 7 SCC 137, Court had considered the effect of mutation and observed that mutation of property in revenue record neither creates nor extinguishes title to the property nor has any presumptive value on the title. Such entries are relevant only for the purpose of collecting land revenue.

In the Supreme Court decision of Suraj Bhan v. Financial Commissioner, (2007) 6 SCC 186, it was observed that an entry in revenue records does not confer the title on a person whose name appears in record-of-rights. Entries in the revenue records or jamabandi have only “fiscal purpose”. So far as the title of the property is concerned, it can only be decided by a competent civil court.

As per the settled proposition of law, if there is any dispute with respect to the title and more particularly when the mutation entry is sought to be made on the basis of the will, the party who is claiming title/right on the basis of the will has to approach the appropriate civil court and get his rights crystalized and only thereafter on the basis of the decision before the civil court necessary mutation entry can be made, added the Court.